Call for Posters for the Cattlemen’s Poster Session

Participate in the 2022 Cattlemen’s Poster Session at the 106th Annual CCA/CCW Convention and California Cattle Industry Tradeshow in Reno happening Nov. 30 – Dec. 2. The goal of the session is to inform attendees about the ongoing beef cattle research and education efforts being conducted in California. Posters can be something that was presented at previous meetings and there is no limit to the number of posters brought from each lab/program.

Highlights about the session:

  1. When & WherePosters can be put up as early as Thursday, December 1st at 8am. The formal poster session will be held from 2-4 pm (location to follow). Posters will need to be taken down after the session.
  2. Poster content and requirements: Anything related to beef cattle production or education. Please keep in mind that the audience will be primarily producers, so if you have posters that are geared towards them that would be best.  Posters should not exceed 48” x 48” as they will not fit on the poster boards.
  3. Deadlines: By Friday, November 4th, please submit your poster information here.

Thank you to the Russell L. Rustici Rangeland and Cattle Research Endowmentand the California Beef Cattle Improvement Association for their sponsorship of the event!

Questions? Contact the CCA office at (916) 444-0845.


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108th Annual CCA/CCW Convention

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