CCA Discounted AirMedCare Membership


In a medical emergency, every second counts…especially when transporting patients that are far away from adequate medical treatment. The flight crews at CALSTAR / REACH, an emergency air ambulance providers with nearly three decades of experience, know this first hand.

AirMedCare Network (AMCN) is the membership provider for your local air ambulance provider CALSTAR / REACH. CALSTAR / REACH provides quality emergent care when you need it most. AMCN providers respond to scene calls, hospital-to-hospital transports, and assist with search and rescue, carrying seriously ill or injured patients to the nearest appropriate medical facility. One flight can cost thousands of dollars, and may not be covered in full by your insurance plan.

As an AirMedCare Network member you are a part of the largest Air Ambulance Membership Network in the United States, providing you with reciprocity among more than 320 helicopter and airplane base locations coast-to-coast, across 38 states. AMCN network providers work cooperatively to provide the highest level of care for you, your family, and your community.

California Cattlemen’s Association Discounted Membership Annual Rate -$79 (Membership covers your entire Household)