CBCIA Accepting Applications for Seedstock Producer of the Year

Producer Awards (Now accepting 2024 Seedstock Producer of the Year Award applications!)2024-04-03T11:50:46-07:00

CBCIA Junior Producer Award

This contest is designed to showcase what young producers are doing at home, and their future goals in the beef industry. 

CBCIA Outstanding Seedstock and Commercial Producer of the Year Awards

Each year, CBCIA accepts applications for the CBCIA Outstanding Seedstock and Commercial Producer of the Year Awards. These awards recognize progressive beef cattle breeders who use practical, scientifically accepted selection and management methods and integrate them into successful ranching operations. Examples include, but are not limited to, genetic and breeding strategies for traits of economic importance, feed development and utilization, nutritional management and marketing based on objective measurement of performance. Awardees will be honored at appropriate CCA and CBCIA sponsored events and are eligible to be nominated (by CBCIA) for the National Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) awards

The award rotates between honoring a producer or commercial producer each year. For 2024, CBCIA will honor an outstanding seedstock operation. Click here to download the application. Applications are due Oct. 1. 

CBCIA Producer of the Year Award Winners

Congratulations to Doug and Judy Parker, Williams, Calif., on being honored with the 2021 Commercial Producer of the Year Award!

  Seedstock Commercial
1972 John Crowe*  
1973 Bill Borror J.F. Sexton
1974 Bert Crane Gene Rambo
1975 Walter Markham Oscar Burroughs
1976 Jackie Davis Milton Mallery
1983 Bill Borror* John Spencer
1984 Jack Farmer Boyd Mahrt
1985 Marvin Knowles John Maino
1986 Roy McPhee David Forster
1987 Gino Pedretti Fred Mallory
1988 Ed Albaugh Lauren & Mel Shuman
1989 Gerhard Gueggenberger  
1990 Jack Cowley John Hanson, Jr.
1991 Dick Montague Bill Van Tassel
1992   Walter Hunsaker
1993 Bruce Orvis Stan Sears
1994 Ward Burroughs Hank Stone
1995 Bidwell Ranches Bob Blanchard
1996 Les & Jean Fearrien Bill Peters
1997 Abbie & Mark Nelson Herb Holzapfel
1998 Marcus Haney Chris Nelson
1999 Jerry Johnson Marty Williamson
2000 Bruce Orvis Matt Echeverria
2001 Dave Dal Porto Clint Disch
2002 Byrd Cattle Co. Likely Land & Cattle Co.
2003 Silveira Bros. Prather Ranch*
2004 Vintage Angus Jack Ranch
2005 Dismukes Ranch Bob & Suzy Erickson
2006 Donati Ranch Lacey Livestock
2007 Sonoma Mountain Herefords Bengard Ranches
2008 Oakridge Angus Hearst Ranch
2009 Circle Ranch Duane Martin Livestock
2010 Broken Box Ranch Leavitt Lake Ranches
2011 Bianchi Ranch Five Dot Ranch
2012  O’Connell Ranch  N/A
2013  Morrell Ranches  Ken and Jackie McGarva
2014  Bar R Angus  N/A
2015  N/A  N/A
2016 N/A  Bentley Ranch
2017 Toledo Ranches N/A
2018 N/A Schene Enterprise
2019 Bruin Ranch N/A
 *donotes international BIF winners  
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