Feeder Council


The California Cattlemen’s Association’s Feeder Council consists of producers who feed cattle throughout the state of California. As an organization within CCA, the Feeder Council develops recommended policy on issues affecting cattle feeders in California.


Livestock Memorial Research Fund


LMRF is a 501(c)3 organization that funds scientific and educational projects and scholarships for students in fields related to California’s livestock industry. LMRF monies are used solely for scientific, charitable or educational purposes and are administered by a board consisting of CCA members.

CCA Reward Signs

CCA Reward & No Trespassing Signs


CCA reward and no trespassing signs are great to attach to a fence or a gate to communicate with those on the other side of your fence or cattle guard. Place your order today!


Exclusive Anaplasmosis Vaccine


When you join CCA, you have access to the member-exclusive anaplasmosis vaccine. Save money on this discounted product to protect your herd from the pathogen.

CCA publications

Keep Up With CCA


Through CCA's publications, members receive weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly updates to keep them updated on all that is happening with ranching in the Golden State.


Discounted Pacific Trace Minerals


CCA offers the Se365 Selenium Bolus from Pacific Trace Minerals to CCA members at a significant price reduction. Call or fill out the order form online today!


Animal Health & Welfare


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Friends of CCA


The ranching industry in California is influenced by the work of several other organizations and agencies. From coast to coast, many groups are working to promote and advocate for keeping ranching traditions strong in the West.

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