Sorting Pen: The California Cattleman Podcast

Episode 17: Sorting through county Climate Action Plans

Do you know what county Climate Action Plans are and why ranchers should be aware of them? If you have no idea, tune in to this episode to hear Noah Lopez with Western Resource Strategies and the California Cattlemen’s Foundation’s Rancher Technical Assistance Program, along with San Diego County ranchers Allison and Bryce Fender explain what these plans are and why ranchers should be know about them.

Episode resources:

In the episode we mention a paper put together by Western Resources Strategies called “Range Cattle in California County Climate Action Plans: a rancher’s guide to understanding and engaging in climate action planning.” Check out that paper here.

We also mention the “Climate Issues Update for Ranchers” webinar that was recently held. If you missed that webinar you can watch the recording of it here.



About the Podcast: Everyday, The California Cattlemen’s Association is sorting through the issues impacting California’s ranching families and producers. To communicate those issues, discuss solutions and keep ranchers current on the hot topics CCA leadership has developed this podcast.

In each episode we will be talking with CCA leadership and leading experts on issues specific to ranching and producing beef in California. Tune in every other Monday to hear updates on legislative and regulatory fronts in Sacramento, deep-dives into current events, challenges and more!