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Episode 10: Sorting through Foothill Abortion and commercially available vaccine for it

As it turns out 20 minutes was not enough time to talk through Foothill Abortion, an issue that has been one of CCA’s top research priorities for decades. Although this update is longer than most Sorting Pen episodes, it is worth the listen as UC Davis professor and researcher Dr. Jeffrey Stott and EBA Product Manager at Hygieia Biological Laboratories Jenna Chandler join Katie for a detailed conversation.

At the beginning of the episode, hear Dr. Stott share about what Foothill Abortion is, his decades of research on it and the collaborative support it took to have a vaccine finally made commercially available in the fall of 2020. Then learn how you can get the vaccine, what you need to know about using the vaccine and what’s at stake if Foothill Abortion does takeover your herd.

Dr. Stott wraps the episode up by sharing about ongoing research and emphasizes the most important facts to know about Foothill Abortion.

Episode Resources
To read other common FAQS about the vaccine visit:

Email Jenna at to learn more about obtaining the vaccine.

To talk with Dr. Stott about the research behind the vaccine click here.


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