A Message from Mark Lacey

A Message from Mark Lacey

Hello, CCA members and friends.

This is Mark Lacey, President of the California Cattlemen’s Association.

Now in our third week of Governor Newsom’s directive to shelter in place, I don’t need to tell you that we are living in unprecedented times.

In what seems like a blink of an eye, the coronavirus has managed to impact the entire world—including the livelihoods of ranchers.

While demand is strong for our great product, our industry seems to be in a season of uncertainty. With extremely volatile cattle markets, drought and catastrophic wildfires on the horizon and the usual pressures of cattle ranching, it can be hard not to be discouraged.

Ranchers are the most resilient people I know. While times are tough now, we will get through this together, and I truly believe we will come out of this stronger and more determined than ever.

Though there are problems to be fixed and solutions to be found, I encourage you to stay optimistic and focused on the many bright spots of our way of life.

Know that CCA leadership and staff continue to work hard for all California cattlemen and women. We are working to ensure that all sectors of the livestock industry continue to operate with no restrictions or unnecessary hurdles in the way of getting beef to ours consumers. We also remain committed to ensuring relief for all ranchers financially impacted by the spread of this virus.

Finally, as our state moves to recovering from this outbreak, CCA will work hard to ensure that ranchers will continue to have a strong voice in shaping the future of agriculture in California, and the nation.

I personally look forward to coming out of this crisis united and to the happier days our industry will share together on the other side of this pandemic.

Until then, stay healthy, and if there is anything we can do to help you during this time, please reach out.