BLM Issues Guidance for Permit Administration During COVID-19 Emergency

On April 2, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sent a document to all state directors and field staff outlining guidelines for permit administration during the COVID-19 emergency. (The US Forest Service issued similar guidance in late March; USFS’s guidance can be found here.)

In accordance with social distancing protocols, most BLM staff are currently working from home. Accordingly, permittees should plan to communicate with BLM staff via phone or email. If you need contact information for local BLM staff, please contact Kirk Wilbur in the CCA office.

Importantly, BLM’s guidance notes that “The BLM does not expect significant disruptions that would delay grazing turnout for the 2020 grazing season, in part because the BLM can utilize phone calls, postal services, and email for grazing permitting communications.”

You can view BLM’s full guidance document here.


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