California Cattle Council seeking producer input on Strategic Plan

The California Cattle Council (Council) is calling on all interested and willing cattle producers to participate in an online survey to assist the Council in developing a strategic plan. The strategic plan will provide a framework for the Council to fully realize its mission to support California beef and dairy producers and target the most critical issues facing the industry today. In addition, the plan will guide the allocation of funds over the coming years to ensure projects, research, campaigns and advocacy efforts are effective and can be properly measured to determine success. Grassroots input is critical to ensure the Council can accomplish this objective. This is your dollar and the Council takes its obligation to effectively and responsibly serve the California cattle industry very seriously. Survey results are anonymous, and the Council encourages your candid participation.

To capture your input effectively and efficiently, please review the following points below regarding what the Council can do and cannot do by law prior to taking the survey.

What the Council CAN do:

  • Conduct research on ALL issues related to California cattle production (not limited to just beef and dairy products)
  • Representing the interests of producers as it relates to the development of new regulations and assist producers with regulatory compliance
  • Initiate marketing and promotional campaigns to promote and support California cattle production
  • Educate policy makers, consumers and other stakeholders on issues impacting California cattle producers, highlighting the industry’s economic and environmental benefits

What the Council CANNOT do:

  • Employ a registered lobbyist and take a formal position on legislation
  • Directly fund a ballot proposition or contribute to an opposition campaign
  • Contribute to Political Action Committees or financially support a candidate seeking office
  • Initiate offensive litigation
  • Deviate from the refund process that is currently in place now. In other words, the Council cannot implement an “opt out” provision. Doing so would be against the law.

The Council looks forward to hearing your feedback no later than February 6th.


Contact Justin Oldfield, CCC Executive Director.