Sorting Pen: The California Cattleman Podcast

Episode 6: Sorting through the research with Dr. Mitloehner

What’s the latest research on cattle and air quality? Dr. Frank Mitloehner, a professor and air quality specialist in cooperative extension for the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis, joins Katie on the podcast to share about his research and provide an update for producers on the recent work he’s doing pertinent to cattle and the environment. We also ask his advice on the best way ranchers can share about the positive role cattle have on California rangelands with those who might have heard otherwise.

Episode 6


About the Podcast: Everyday, The California Cattlemen’s Association is sorting through the issues impacting California’s ranching families and producers. To communicate those issues, discuss solutions and keep ranchers current on the hot topics CCA leadership has developed this podcast.

In each episode we will be talking with CCA leadership and leading experts on issues specific to ranching and producing beef in California. Tune in every other Monday to hear updates on legislative and regulatory fronts in Sacramento, deep-dives into current events, challenges and more!