Wiener Burger (Smash Burger) Recipe


smash burger

Essentials: Our meat/cheese/bun burger recipe is deceptively simple. It’s the cookery that’s integral. As for ingredients you’ll need, 80/20 ground beef. Quality of beef is important. We used American raised Wagyu for this burger but a quality high choice ground beef would work too. You’ll want to use simple white buns (a brioche bun would work too). Other ingredients are: American cheese, butter, garlic powder and kosher salt.

You’re going to need a griddle or cast iron pan and a large spatula.

Instructions: First, melt the butter and add salt/garlic powder to taste. Next, brush the buns with the garlic butter and toast. Set aside. Gently ball up the ground beef into the size of a golf ball. Do not season and do not overwork the meat.

You’ll want your cooking surface really hot (420 degrees).

Place the beef on the surface and smash to a quarter inch thick (for the first one you may need to oil the spatula). Season with salt. Once a crust forms flip and add cheese.

The total cook time will be less than 2 minutes. My preference is meat/cheese/bun but the burgers can be dressed in every which way. There’s nothing wrong with having 2 (or more).

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!