USFS Issues Guidance for Permit Administration During COVID-19 Emergency

On Wednesday (March, 25), the US Forest Service (USFS) sent a memo to all regional foresters providing guidance on how to administer grazing permits during the COVID-19 crisis as permittees prepare for turnout. The full guidance document for USFS staff can be viewed here.

To ensure social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis, permittees should plan to communicate with Forest Service staff via phone or email. If you need phone or email contacts for your line officer, please contact Kirk Wilbur in the CCA office.

To help streamline permit administration, USFS staff is requesting that permittees pay their grazing bill without delay and do so online. Follow up with the line officer to inform them that the grazing bill has been paid.

Additionally, because USFS staff may be unable to get out in the field as regularly, staff is asking for your help in monitoring your allotment. Let your line officers know when you’re out on the allotment, take notes of what you see, take photos before and after grazing, and take measurements and/or visual observations of utilization, communicating all of these with your line officers.

Finally, make every effort to be available and responsive via phone and email. USFS is committed to facilitating permit administration during this crisis but is taking every precaution to safeguard staff and permittee health. For more information or for any concerns, contact Kirk in the CCA office.


Call (916) 444-0845 or
email CCA staff.