From California Ranchers to Worldwide Consumers

California’s ranchers compete in a global marketplace where livestock and feed costs are largely impacted by the national and international events outside a rancher’s control. As such, ranchers are not able to set the sale price for their livestock and cannot pass on costs to consumers in order to remain profitable. Ranchers remain in the business, not due to its profitability but because they love the tradition, lifestyle, their cattle and ultimately producing a wholesome and safe product for consumers.

Issues influencing the ability for producers to operate in the local, domestic or international market remain a priority for CCA. Specifically, CCA supports ongoing efforts to reduce trade barriers and tariffs to U.S. beef worldwide that contributes to every producers’ bottom line.


The CCA Policy Book is written and updated by CCA members. The policies within the book dictate the position that CCA takes on issues at the State Capitol as well as in the regulatory arena as CCA staff and officers work on behalf of members throughout the state.