Like other commodities and products, transportation is a key component of the beef industry. Live cattle and beef are moved by truck in all segments of the beef industry from pasture to plate. Some ranchers operate their own trucking fleets to ship cattle but most rely on professional livestock haulers that operate semi-truck and trailer combinations with specially designed trailers to comfortably transport livestock. Most ranchers depend on pickup and gooseneck combinations to haul livestock to market, move cattle between pastures and conduct the necessary chores and tasks common to a working cattle ranch. CCA supports limited regulation for these vehicle combinations.

In addition, CCA is seeking to bring conformity to federal transportation regulations that have solidified a myriad of different state laws regulating semi-truck weight and length. For example, in California, semi-trucks and trailers are allowed to be no longer than 65 feet in length and a trailer must not exceed 48 feet in length. In Texas, the same truck can haul a livestock trailer that is 57 feet long. It is vital that the same standard be applied to all producers engaging in interstate commerce to ensure cattle are marketable to cattle buyers, the majority of whom ship cattle to the Mid-West.