Animal Health & Welfare

Ranching is a business, but more importantly it is a lifestyle. Both the industry and California’s rich ranching and western heritage would not be sustainable without a strong commitment to maintain the health of California’s cattle herd. Cattlemen and women are responsible for caring for their livestock and providing the necessary food, water and attention to raise healthy livestock. Without the ongoing dedication by California producers to maintaining the highest standards for animal welfare, the ability to earn a livelihood in the cattle industry would not be possible.

CCA policies demonstrate this commitment and members have adopted policies that underline this responsibility to ensure producers throughout the state are raising healthy cattle, which in turn, will produce healthy beef. Maintaining a high level of animal welfare is also based on the ability to provide professional care for livestock. This includes continued access to veterinarians, trained technicians and the use of medicine to prevent diseases and treat sick animals.

CCA also strongly supports continued research to cure diseases affecting livestock and develop new drugs that will help ranchers produce healthy cattle. Food safety is equally important and ranchers recognize the appropriate role of evaluating the use of certain antibiotics or routine treatments on food safety.