The California Beef Cattle Improvement Association is an affiliate of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF), the California Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), and depends on University of California Cooperative Extension and other California public educational institutions for technical advisors and as partners in educational programs.


The members of this Association have voluntarily associated themselves together into an organization designed to carry the following purposes:

  • To foster the improvement of beef cattle in California through scientific breeding methods, management, and feeding practices. Major emphasis shall be placed on selection methods for traits of economic importance, such as optimal weaning weights, ability to gain rapidly after weaning, efficient conversion, desirable type and conformation, regular reproduction, longevity, and superior carcass quality.
  • To carry on education and promotional work in connection with production of improved beef cattle.
  • To charge and receive membership dues and other such fees as may be necessary from members, all of which shall be used to carry out the above purposes of the Association.
  • To do each and everything needful and necessary, suitable and proper for the carrying out of the above purposes; however, this Association shall not engage in the buying and selling of livestock or otherwise engage in any activity for profit.
  • To have, posses, and exercise any and all other powers conferred on like associations.
  • These purposes, together with powers and rights granted to this Association by law, are set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.

CBCIA Organizes and Supports

  • Educational Seminars
  • Tours through specific geographic areas of the state focusing on relevant subject matter to that area
  • Educational workshops in cooperation with UC Cooperative Extension and California State Universities
  • Monthly Progressive Producer column in the California Cattleman Magazine
  • Carcass of Merit Competition at county fairs throughout the state for young cattle exhibitors. CBCIA sets the criteria and provides the certificates for the program
  • Educational Grant programs to University and State College “Beef Days”
  • Monetary donations to genetic research
  • Sponsor of the Supreme Champion Performance Bull at the California State Fair
  • Yearly scholarship for undergraduate or graduate students in the area of beef cattle advancement through genetics or other appropriate programs
  • Beef Improvement Federation Scholarship Travel Award
  • Co-sponsored by CBCIA and CCA Allied Industry Council
  • Awarded to advanced students majoring in beef cattle production and/or genetics
  • $1,000.00 per student per year
  • Horizon Award
  • Recognizes those who have contributed to the advancement of performance beef cattle in California
  • Producer of the Year Award
  • Awarded to Seedstock and Commercial producers on a yearly basis
  • These awards recognize innovative and progressive cattle breeders who use practical, scientifically accepted methods and integrate them into successful ranching operations.

CBCIA Approach

CBCIA uses various approaches to beef cattle improvement in California through education and performance evaluation in a practical and scientific manner:

  • Scientific breeding methods, planned breeding schemes; selection based on measured traits of economic importance such as weight gain, feed efficiency, type and confirmation, reproduction, longevity, and carcass and DNA testing.
  • Advanced management tools for specific situations.
  • Nutrition and feeding practices

CBCIA Leadership

To learn more about the officers, past presidents, board of directors and academic advisors for this organization, click here.