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As food connoisseurs know, few things are as tasty as a good steak or burger, but something many people do not realize is that beef is also good for you and is an important part of the human diet.
There are 29 cuts of beef that meet the guidelines for “lean,” and with more zinc, iron and protein than poultry or fish, beef is extremely nutrient dense and.

  •  A 3-ounce serving of beef provides 38 percent of the Daily Value for zinc. You would need to eat more than eleven 3-ounce servings of tuna to get the same amount of zinc in one 3-ounce serving of beef. Zinc is an essential nutrient that influences immunity and healing. It is an important nutrient for people of all ages.
  •  The absorbable iron found in beef contains a high percentage of iron — a type of iron that is more easily absorbed by the body than the iron found in plant foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables. Iron deficiency is a common nutrient deficiency, especially among young children, adolescent girls and women of childbearing age.
  •  The protein in beef helps you maintain a healthy metabolism, but beef isn’t only useful in maintaining a healthy body. Studies suggest that the protein in beef may be help prevent many chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

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