CCA Officer

Second Vice President Mike Miller

Mike Miller was elected to serve a two-year term as a CCA Second Vice President at the 100th CCA & CCW Annual Convention. Miller has been a CCA member since 1990 and previously served two terms as president of the Santa Clara County Cattleman's Association, and he still serves as a board member for that group. He represented his local association on the CCA Water and Environment Committee for a number of years and as a CCA board member. Miller has served as chair of the Agriculture and Food Policy Committee for the last four years. Miller grew up in Salinas, about a block from the Salinas Rodeo grounds and wanted to be a cowboy since he was a small boy. He was involved in FFA and worked on farms and ranches during high school. After college, Miller worked for Fat City Feedlot, and for the next 23 years, he worked for ranches in Nevada and California. Sixteen years ago, started his own cow herd and today he runs cows on about 50 percent federal land and 50 percent private property. From his experience working with various agencies on his own operation, he is willing and equipped to help go to bat for his fellow beef producers as a CCA officer.

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