CCA 100 Year commemorative items:
Stetson cowboy hats with commemorative hat band buckle made by Vogt Silversmiths are available in 10x and 30x and come in a variety of color choices. See the order form here for more details and photos. Orders will be shipped for a flat rate of $20 and will be ordered in batches around the CCA Midyear Meeting.  
Concho Pendant & Brooch made by Vogt Silver is made of sterling silver with 14k gold lettering and measures 1.75 inches in diameter. Find the order form and photos here. 
The 100 Years of CCA commemorative coffee table book Since 1917 -- A Century of Family Legacies in the California Cattlemen's Association are $50 ea. Find an order form here.
The one stop shop for your CCA merchandise. Click here to download a complete CCA apparel order form with CCA logo Cabela's fleece vests, CCA logo t-shirts, CCA logo trucker hats and CCA logo hooded sweatshirts.
Reward and No Trespassing Signs
CCA reward and no trespassing signs are great to attach to a fence or a gate to communicate with those on the other side of your fence or cattle guard. To order, download and complete this form.
Personalized CCA Proud Member Signs
Personalized CCA Proud Member signs are a great way to enhance the entrance to your ranch, include on your cattle trucks or other great places you'd like to display. The custom signs are durable, weatherproof made of .040 gauge aluminum and measure 18" x 24". Order your custom sign today and receive the promotional price of $35 by filling out the order form and returning it to the CCA office. For more information or questions, call the CCA office at (916) 444-0845.

Killed Anaplasmosis Vaccine

As a benefit of being a CCA member, you have access to the member-exclusive anaplasmosis vaccine. Ordering this discounted product to protect your herd can easily pay for your annual CCA membership by saving cattle from this tick-borne pathogen.

To order you can fax the completed order form to the CCA office at (916) 444-2194 or contact us at (916) 444-0845 to order over the phone.

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Anaplasmosis vaccine order form

Pacific Trace Minerals Selenium Boluses

In a selenium-deficient area like California, giving your cattle proper supplementation is vital to your operation’s success. CCA offers the Se365 Selenium Bolus from Pacific Trace Minerals to CCA members at a significant price reduction.

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Selenium bolus order form